The Way President Moon Looks At BTS Is The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

They truly are his pride and joy!

BTS and President Moon Jae In recently took a trip to New York together to speak at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), and we can’t get over how fondly the president looks at the BTS members!

BTS and President Moon | @jjjkth__/Twitter

While in New York, the BTS members and President Moon sat down for an interview together that was aired on Good Morning America (GMA).

During the interview, the members shared their thoughts on the pandemic, as well as what they miss the most about touring and pre-pandemic life. President Moon explained why BTS makes such great diplomats.

As the members answered interviewer Juju Chang‘s questions, President Moon looked on with pride. Just look at how he looked at Jin while Jin spoke!

When Jungkook explained how he felt about performing at the UNGA, President Moon couldn’t help smiling proudly as he watched Jungkook speak.

ARMYs quickly noticed how proud President Moon is of the BTS members.

Looks like President Moon is just as proud of BTS as we are!