WayV Spill On How Emotional The Members And Their Managers Got When Ten Returned To Korea, Proving They’re Truly Family

They all burst into tears one after the other!

WayV held a live stream together with Ten for the first time since his return to Korea, and they got hilariously real about how emotional things got when Ten came home.

(From left to right) Hendery, YangYang, Kun, Ten and Xiaojun | @wayvofficial/Instagram

Ten’s return to Korea proved to be a viral event, with NCTzens everywhere celebrating the fact that he finally got to go home after being away for 9 months.


Ten had been participating in the Youku show Great Dance Crew, where he competed as a team leader against WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao, with whom he built a cute friendship. While Ten wasn’t originally supposed to be there for so long, the filming of the show suffered severe delays due to outbreaks of COVID-19, causing him to stay in China for much longer than intended.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

These delays caused Ten to miss out on NCT‘s group activities. Feeling that it was unfair, fans called for SM Entertainment to bring Ten back to Korea. Yet, now that Great Dance Crew has concluded, Ten is back with his members and ready to prepare for WayV’s next comeback. And as it turns out, fans weren’t the only ones who really wanted Ten back home!

During their live stream, YangYang revealed that the members and their managers all got together when Ten came home and had some drinks to celebrate. This led to some heightened emotions, which resulted in both managers and members bursting into tears.

Naturally, YangYang being YangYang, couldn’t resist poking fun at the way his members cried.

He himself had been doubtful about whether they were serious at first, but he soon also got teary after seeing Xiaojun cry.

The members all agreed that everyone had gotten emotional. In fact, their manager hilariously had to try to comfort them as they each started crying one by one.

Hendery was the only one who didn’t burst into tears, since apparently, he hadn’t been drinking with them.

Overall, the reunion appears to have been very emotional for everyone. Seeing as Ten was accompanied by a manager to China, the members’ reunion with that manager was also very touching. Proving how much of a family WayV and their managers really are, YangYang revealed that the returning manager had told him and Xiaojun that they had grown up a lot since he left them.

Yet, while it’s understandable that their first reunion would get emotional, it seems like some of the members actually got teary during the live stream too.

But then again, WayV together again, promising that they’re coming soon, would be enough to make anyone emotional!