WayV’s Savage King Ten Wastes No Time In Hilariously Exposing His Members’ Cleaning Habits After Returning To Korea

It’s Ten vs. WayV’s piles and piles of clothes.

WayV‘s Ten has not been back in Korea for very long, but he’s already out to hilariously expose his members.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten is finally home after being away for 9 months in China. His stay had to be lengthened after COVID-19 outbreaks caused filming to be delayed on Great Dance Crew, the dance show where Ten competed as a team leader alongside WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao.

Ten and Cheng Xiao

His long-awaited return to Korea not only caused a stir, but it actually turned out to be a viral event.

And now that the members (and their managers) have had their tearful reunion, Ten is getting back to ‘Savage King’ business. On June 28, leader Kun had a live stream in his room, and fans were quick to ask about the newly returned Ten. At first, Kun reported that Ten was still busy unpacking.

But not long after, Ten himself came to say hello. He explained that he’d spent his time since getting back sorting out all his stuff.

Ten didn’t even wait until later on in the live stream to start exposing his members, straight away revealing that he’d done so much in the dorm that the lady who helps keep their house was surprised to see it so clean.

Kun couldn’t even deny it, describing that when he came home from his radio show he himself was shocked at how clean the dorm looked. Ten claimed that the members have piles of clothes everywhere, and that he’d had to clear that up too.

Considering the condition of WayV’s dorms, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there are piles of clothes in their apartments…and it also doesn’t come as a surprise that Ten would want to clean it all up. After all, Hendery previously revealed that Ten can’t stand things being messy…

| WayV/YouTube 

…though Ten savagely insisted that the issue is not that he likes to clean, but rather that the members are too dirty.

He fully exposed them by pointing out that they never clean up what they leave in the kitchen, leaving him to do it every morning.

And in Kun’s recent live stream, Ten did not hold back! He not only mentioned the members’ piles of clothes, but he also specifically (and hilariously) judged the alleged mess in Kun’s room while on live.

Fans found it so funny that they lost no time in making some golden memes…

At the end of the day, however, Ten and Kun will always be there for each other just as much as they are there for their younger members.

Watch the full clip from WayV’s Research Note on the link below!