“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Became A SEVENTEEN Fan Thanks To One Particular Meme

She still has it saved on her phone.

Actress Emma Myers from Netflix‘s latest hit show Wednesday hasn’t been shy about how much of a SEVENTEEN fan she is. She even recently revealed where her love for the group began.

Emma Myers

Like many Carats could relate, it all started from a funny moment on social media.

Jeonghan and S.Coups

Five years ago, Emma remembered scrolling through Twitter when she came across a SEVENTEEN meme. Because it used their catchy song “VERY NICE”, Emma admitted, “I couldn’t even focus on the meme because all I could think about was how fun the song was.

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And being a true Carat, Emma still had the meme saved on her phone, uploading it for all SEVENTEEN fans to enjoy.

Since then, Emma’s been a fan of SEVENTEEN—even making them her ultimate group and having two biases.


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