J-Hope Shares A Funny Story From BTS’s Physical

He revealed what happened behind the scenes at their health exam.

BTS recently underwent a routine health exam, and J-Hope was happy to share some details about it with fans.

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When J-Hope logged on to Weverse, he was a little surprised to find out that ARMY already knew about the physical.

How did you know?

— J-Hope

Earlier, RM had told fans about his weight changes, muscle mass increase, as well as the difference between his and Jungkook‘s body fat percentages.

J-Hope’s own muscle mass wasn’t as high as he had expected it to be. “I’m surprised because my muscle mass is low,” he said. “Let’s exercise, Jjwehope.” 

BTS’s checkup was, of course, a private event, but fans couldn’t help being curious. One asked J-Hope if there were any behind the scenes stories he would like to share.

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“Keke, when our members get their heights measures, they all become giraffes,” he replied. “Their necks,,,,grow longer in a fascinating way.” 

It might have looked something like this!


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