BTS’s V Is Confusing Everyone With His Mysterious New Photo

No one knows what to make of V’s cryptic post.

BTS is up to something. The question is, what?

The spread of COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into everyone’s 2020 plans, including BTS’s. The North American leg of their MAP OF THE SOUL world tour was originally scheduled to begin later this month, but it has since been postponed.

Although BTS’s schedule has changed, they are still hard at work behind the scenes, practicing for their tour and filming yet-to-be-revealed projects.

Seokjinnie is filming.

— Jin (April 1 comment on Weverse)

What are these projects exactly? may have given ARMY a hint with this mysterious photo, entitled “Passion”.

This raw image file shows someone (V?) facing away from the camera with ostrich feathers taped to his back.

Could this be for a magazine shoot? “Inner Child” concept photos? A surprise music video? Does it have something to do with the upcoming release of “Stay Gold“?

Right now, fans have more questions than answers, but hopefully, BTS will reveal everything soon. Until then, let the theories run wild!

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