Wheesung Found Passed out in a Hotel Just 2 Days After His Release From the Police

Wheesung was found out passed out again just 2 days after his release.

Just 2 days after his release from the hospital for passing out due to the use of sleeping medication, singer Wheesung was found passed out in the washroom of a hotel.

Wheesung Found Passed out in His Home After Injecting Himself With Sleeping Drugs

According to SBS’s 8 O’Clock News, Wheesung was found unconscious in a hotel in Seoul at around 9:15 PM on April 2, just 2 days after he was discovered in the washroom of a building in Seoul after injecting himself with sleeping medication.


The first time around, it was revealed that Wheesung used a sleeping medication that didn’t fall under the category of illegal drugs, allowing him to be released after just a short investigation.

But just 2 days later, Wheesung was found once again in a hotel washroom with the same needles and bottles of sleeping medication that he used the first time.

According to an expert, the drug utilized isn’t an illegal drug, but it’s a prescription drug that can’t be obtained without a doctor’s note.

Wheesung was recently captured buying the drugs from a man he met online.

Wheesung Spotted Making a Mysterious Drug Deal Prior to Passing Out in a Washroom

Regarding the most recent case, the police captured Wheesung withdrawing cash from an ATM, and are currently investigating the modes of how he obtained the drug.

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