Woollim Entertainment Under Fire From Lovelyz’s Fans Due To Their Marketing Tactics For DRIPPIN’s Comeback

“Even if you want to stan them, the company’s actions will make you take steps back.”

Woollim Entertainment is currently under fire from Lovelyz‘s fans. This was due to their marketing strategy for rookie boy group, DRIPPIN‘s upcoming comeback.

Fans recently realized that all the group accounts under Woollim Entertainment had suddenly experienced a change in profile picture and header. The pictures were changed to that of a man’s silhouette and a coding screen.

However, fans were enraged to notice that Lovelyz’s official social media accounts had also been changed. From their Facebook

…to their V LIVE

…even their YouTube channel. Not one account was spared.

What enraged fans the most was that Lovelyz’s contracts had actually expired with Woollim Entertainment in December 2021. Ever since then, the girls had all left Woollim Entertainment but Lovelyz had not yet disbanded as a group. Fans have been upset with Woollim Entertainment for a long time for not promoting the girls better. The girls also left the company without a final project or album, and the news also came without warning. Fans felt that it showed a lack of respect to both the fans and Lovelyz for their accounts to be used for marketing tactics when the group was no longer under the company.

Naturally, even non-fans were enraged when they heard.

| theqoo
  • “Where is their conscience LOL definitely not listening (to DRIPPIN)”
  • “Seeing how they cast one group to the curb, how do fans stan them if they don’t know if their idols will get cast aside like that or not too? Why is the company like that?”
  • “My idols got disbanded too but this didn’t happen… Lovelyz isn’t even some project unit or something so why are they using them like that”
  • “What about DRIPPIN’s account? Why are they using Lovelyz’s?”
  • “Why are they using even Lovelyz’s?”
  • “Are they trying to let fans know that if they stan them, they’ll turn out like this too in the end?”
  • “Even if you want to stan them, the company’s actions will make you take steps back”
  • “What’s up with them”

Fans are rightfully angered by the actions of Woollim Entertainment. Woollim Entertainment has not yet addressed the issue.

Source: theqoo