Woollim Entertainment Gives INFINITE Full Trademark Rights To The Group Without Any Conditions

It is very rare for companies to allow this.

Woollim Entertainment‘s CEO Lee Jung Yeop has given INFINITE full rights to the group’s trademarks ahead of their comeback.


According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, Woollim Entertainment’s CEO Lee Jung Yeop recently transferred full trademark rights to the group INFINITE to INFINITE Company, which was established by INFINITE member Kim Sunggyu.

INFINITE will be reuniting as a full group to celebrate their 13 year anniversary and recently posted a couple comeback teasers on a new social media account.

INFINITE To Reunite As A Complete Group For 13th Debut Anniversary

INFINITE was the first idol group produced by Woollim Entertainment and the group shot to success, allowing Woollim Entertainment the financial capabilities to purchase their current company building. While the INFINITE members have all left Woollim Entertainment, they still maintain a friendship with CEO Lee Jung Yeop. Insiders stated that Lee Jung Yeop transferred the trademark rights to Sunggyu on Sunggyu’s birthday, April 28. According to the trademark registration website, the rights were transferred to INFINITE Company on April 21.

Source: Sports Seoul


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