Woollim Entertainment Removes Kim Chaewon’s Profile, Raising Questions About Her Future

The agency has also been removed from other profiles.

In August, media outlets reported that HYBE and Source Music were attempting to recruit IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon for their new girl group. After the reports, both HYBE and Woollim Entertainment responded that nothing had been confirmed. However, fans have recently noticed something that might give more of a look into the future for Kim Chaewon.

Kim Chaewon | @chaewonizone/Instagram

Like every K-Pop company, Woollim has a list of their artists displayed on their website, including the likes of Golden Child, Lovelyz, Drippin, and many soloists.

Recently, a fan posted on social media pointing out that Kim Chaewon’s profile was no longer on the website under the artist profiles. After seeing this, many fans believe that Kim Chaewon is no longer signed under Woollim.

Although fans have noticed you can still access the page via a link, it is still an odd move from the company, especially after many said they updated her profile not long ago.

Yet, it isn’t just on the website where this has been changed. On Kim Chaewon’s Daum and Naver profile, Woollim Entertainment has been removed from her profiles. It has added to the belief from many fans that she is no longer under contract with the company.

After netizens noticed these changes, it raised more questions on what the future could hold for Kim Chaewon. The article that reported HYBE wanted Kim Chaewon for their new girl group also mentioned fellow member Miyawaki Sakura.

It seemed even more possible when a performance director that is contracted exclusively at HYBE Labels, Yoon So Young, was seen following Sakura and Chaewon on Instagram. Yet, she didn’t follow any of the other IZ*ONE girls.

After the initial reports, it was later announced that Sakura had signed with the new company. Could Kim Chaewon be the next signee? Neither Woollim or HYBE have made any statement since this has happened.

Source: Woollim Entertainment