X1’s Agency Gives An Update About The Group’s Upcoming Debut

Will X1 be able to debut without any more obstacles?

X1 is in mid-preparation for their upcoming debut ever since PRODUCE X 101 ended in mid-July. Swings Entertainment, the agency that will be managing the group’s promotions, gave an update on their debut preparations.

They announced that the group has finished shooting their album jacket photos and the album is in its last stages of completion!

It’s true that they finished shooting their jacket photos as planned, and their album preparations are going well.

— Swings Entertainment


However, it appears that the preparations aren’t moving forward as vigorously as fans are hoping for. Swings claimed that “the schedules following the jacket shoot are still in negotiation.”

This may be due to the ongoing controversy regarding PRODUCE X 101‘s alleged manipulation of the final votes. After strange frequencies were discovered in the rankings’ votes, netizens, fans, and even politicians have begun a battle against Mnet to confirm the truth. Many called for X1’s debut to delay in case the rankings indeed need to be changed.


X1 had previously announced that they will debut on August 27 with their 1st mini-album, “Emergency: QUANTUM LEAP”. The album was created to express the leaps and bounds the trainees had to overcome in order to officially debut with X1.

As Mnet and the trainees’ agencies continue to resolve the voting issue as soon as possible, X1 is slowly but surely continuing to prepare for their upcoming debut!


Posted by X1 엑스원 on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Source: Osen