X1 Shoots Their First Commercial For Subway Franchise, But Fans Won’t Be Able To See It

It was the agency’s decision to cancel.

X1, whose debut showcase held on August 27, 2019 was a big success, recently landed their first brand endorsement with the sandwich franchise Subway. Unfortunately, while the group has completed the promotional photoshoot, the commercial itself has been cancelled from going live.


According to Korean press, X1 signed an endorsement with Subway and even got through their first-ever promotional photoshoot. Fans were thrilled to hear that they’ll be representing the brand and were ready to support the franchise for working with X1.


However, the agency ultimately decided to pull the group from the promotion because it has been agreed on for the group to “refrain from all commercial activities”. Thus, X1  ended up giving up on modeling for Subway.


Industry associates believe their “vote rigging” scandal has played a significant role in this decision. Insiders have hinted that the brands, as well as the agency, are more cautious to promote with X1 as their debut did come with quite the controversy.

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Fans remain disappointed by the agency’s decision not to push forward with the group’s endorsement. They continue to root for the rookie group and hope to see them become more widely accepted and loved by the Korean audience.

Source: Sports Khan