X1 Members Reveal Their Thoughts On Claims That “PRODUCE X 101” Rigged The Final Votes

They spoke up about the alleged rigged voting.

X1 finally made their long-awaited debut after competing on PRODUCE X 101. They held their debut showcase, where they opened up to questions about their album and debut.

One of the questions that had to be asked was what they thought about the current police investigations on PRODUCE X 101, where they were claimed to have rigged the final votes for the debuting members.


Leader Han Seungwoo explained that due to their hectic schedules as they prepared for their debut, the members barely had any time to process the controversy. But no matter what was going on, the group wants to focus on their fans.

We were completely focused on our practices, so there weren’t many situations during our busy schedule where we could think about the controversy.

As a result, we simply believed that we need to show the best sides to X1 for the fans who have loved and waited for us. Our main wish is to pay them back [for their support].

— Han Seungwoo


Instead of focusing on the controversy, X1 plans to make sure that their fans are not saddened by whatever the investigative result may be. They vowed to focus on their fans happiness than the negativity of the controversy.

More so than feeling burdened [by the controversy], we wanted to pay the fans back. We, X1, worked very hard to prepare for this album, and the reason was the fans who love us.

We are going to do our best to wash away [their sadness or hurt].

— Han Seungwoo


The police are currently investigating Mnet and the production staff, and they recently found an audio recording of one of the producers talking about rigging the votes of multiple seasons.


Produce X 101 previously commented about the false results, saying that the numbers shown were not the real numbers, but the ranking would not have changed. In response, a politician called out the show, demanding an investigation, and many experts commented on how the final numbers were nearly impossible to achieve

There are no abnormalities in the final ranks (including the X), but there was an error in the delivery of the final votes announced during the broadcast.

– Production Staff

Source: Asia Today and isplus