X1 Fans Cancel Public Demonstration Advocating The Debut Of A Unit Group Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

But they’re planning other methods to promote the debut of a unit group.

X1 officially disbanded over a month ago after the police found evidence that the Produce series had been rigged. But recent news circulated that some of the members and their agencies are planning to debut a unit group.

The idea was met with conflicting responses as some claimed that X1’s unit group would be too connected with the original group which was formed from bribery and corruption of the show’s producers. However, another large group of fans are desperately trying to move forward with the unit group’s debut.

Back in January 22, many fans gathered at CJ ENM’s headquarters to demand the company hold their actions accountable for the members and allow them to debut in a unit group. The same association of fans was planning to hold another public demonstration this Saturday.

However, plans ultimately fell through due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. The number of cases in South Korea nearly doubled recently to over 200 patients. With the possibility of spreading illnesses at a large public gathering, the group decided it would be best to postpone their event.

It’s unsure to tell when the COVID-19 cases would subside, so it’s difficult to set a specific schedule for our next event as of right now.

Even if we can’t advocate offline, we will continue to express our demands through various methods online and such.

— X1 Unit Group Fan

The fans have been putting up LED truck signs and post-it notes on CJ ENM buildings and the other agencies, demanding that the members be allowed to debut in a new group and promote. They expressed that they will do whatever it takes to make the formation of X1’s unit group happen.

If the members who have already decided on their next promotions can’t join the group, we want at least the members who haven’t yet to join the others to form a unit group.

— X1 Unit Group Fan

After the large advocates meeting held last month, an industry insider claimed that some of the agencies are trying to persuade the other agencies to form a unit group. They claimed the discussions were going positively.

They are continually trying to persuade the agencies who have not yet decided on the prospect of debuting a unit group of X1.

— Insider

Out of the 11 original members of X1, many of the members have already decided on their next step in their careers. Some will be debuting in a new group under their agency, some will return to their previous groups, while others have decided to take on a different path.

Source: Star News and CNN