This “XO, Kitty” Actress Was Supposedly Going To Debut In NewJeans But Ended Up Leaving The Company

Did you recognize her?

Ryu Han Bi plays Eunice in XO, Kitty. The role might be a small one, but she made an impact as the gorgeous but slightly ditzy follower of queen bee Yuri Kim (played by Gia Kim).

Gia Kim, Ryu Han Bi, and Sunny Oh.

She often only appears with Mihee, played by Sunny Oh. Despite this, fans have already dubbed the trio a “K-Pop girl group” due to their spectacular visuals and dance skills, as showcased in the drama.

If fans have noticed that Ryu Han Bi danced a little more smoothly than Sunny and Gia Kim during the party scene, it’s probably due to her background as an idol trainee!

Ryu Han Bi started off as a child actress, even winning awards. She won the “Best Child Actress” award at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards for her role in the show Come and Hug Me.

Fans began to speculate that she was slated to be a part of NewJeans when her Instagram account, run by her mom, began to follow both Min Hee Jin and ADOR.

As Ryu Han Bi was born in 2004, it would have made sense for her to be a part of the group. It was speculated that Hyein was scouted after Ryu Han Bi dropped out for unknown reasons. Ryu Han Bi’s mother soon unfollowed Min Hee Jin and ADOR. An insider later revealed that she joined LE SSERAFIM‘s debut group temporarily before dropping out of HYBE entirely.

Despite not making it as a K-Pop star, she’s definitely on the right path to making it as an actress! You can read more about Ryu Han Bi’s background with ADOR below.

Netizens Speculate That Hyein Was Scouted To Join NewJeans After Former Child Actress Reportedly Withdrew From The Group

XO, Kitty

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