Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Texted MBC Reporter A Suspicious Message About His Prostitution Case

He revealed what Yang Hyun Suk texted him.

MBC reporter, Go Eun Sang, revealed through YTN Radio that Yang Hyun Suk texted him about the recent allegations that claim he solicited prostitution to foreign investors.

He revealed that Yang Hyun Suk claims to know that the police are already going to announce him, innocent, very soon.

After MBC’s Straight aired about Yang Hyun Suk, he texted me about how he’s struggling through a difficult time. He also submitted witness testimonies and other documents related to his accusations.

But he also texted that he knows the police will soon declare him innocent and close the case regarding his prostitution scandal.

— Go Eun Sang

He was shocked by the statement because he knew just how hard the police were looking into his case. The investigation would take much longer to come up with a verdict, but Yang Hyun Suk was reportedly informed by someone that he will be announced, innocent.

I was very shocked by that text message. I knew just how hard the detectives are working these days. For the past four months since the Burning Sun scandal, they’ve given up their days off to investigate to the best of their ability.

It made me wonder, ‘Who did he hear this from? How does he already know that [the police plan to announce him, innocent]?’

— Go Eun Sang

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk was called into the Seoul District Police Station for questioning regarding the allegations that he solicited prostitution in Korea and abroad.

He was released from the station after 9 hours of interrogation.

Source: MyDaily

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