Yewon finally send her apologies to Lee Tae Im and the public in handwritten letter

Singer Yewon has finally sent her formal apologies to actress Lee Tae Im after two months have passed since the viral “cursing” incident was revealed to the public.

On June 3rd, Yewon updated her Twitter account with an image of a handwritten letter that, in summarization, apologized for her actions towards Lee Tae Im and the public, and showed her gratefulness towards Super Junior-M‘s Henry, who also acts as her virtual husband on MBC‘s We Got Married.

She writes, “Hello. This is Yewon.

I feel like I took too long to write this and I do not know how to express my deepest regret.

It was my first time ever being involved in something so large in scale and media coverage, and because I had so many other peoples’ positions to think of that I could not say anything with ease. Even now, I am very careful with every word I write.

I realize that it is late and out of the blue, but I worked up the courage to write this. To be honest, every time I went to film ‘We Got Married,’ I was scared and exhausted to face people and I wanted to give up numerous times. But I thought it would be irresponsible to give things up just because I was going through hard times. I also thought that the only way I could repay the producers, the staff of ‘We Got Married’ and Henry was to do my best on the show.

I am so sorry to those who are suffering because of me and I am sorry to Henry, who has been nothing but supportive of me as my partner. I also want to apologize to the viewers who were displeased seeing me on the show. I am also sorry to those who cheered for me, but I disappointed.

Also, I would like to deeply apologize to Lee Tae Im sunbae, who suffered because of my immature actions on the set of ‘Tutoring Through Generations’. I am sorry that I marred your dreams, which you have carried so much longer than I have carried mine.”

Despite her words of regret, netizens have voiced out their displeasure and sarcasm towards Yewon due to the very late apologies to Lee Tae Im and that the letter of apology only came after it was revealed Henry and Yewon would be leaving We Got Married.

[+ 23469, – 1325] Wow *shudder* her speed of apology defies space and time ㅋㅋ

[+ 20096, – 1345] Aigoo, it’s way too late….

[+18771, – 1308] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s been so long since it happened.Woah, aren’t you a fast one??!

Due to the incident, in which Lee Tae Im’s reputation was marred after the “cursing” incident due to initial reports, the actress stepped down from her casting role on Tutoring Across Generations and publicly apologized to Yewon. However, weeks later, a video recording of the incident was leaked, revealing how the situation was at the same time, causing those who were against Lee Tae Im at first to switch sides and criticize Yewon instead.

The incident has given a rise to the trending quote “Unnie, you don’t like me do you?” with SNL Korea recreating the scene in one of their skits. Netizens also showed they were against Yewon appearing on We Got Married.

Henry and Yewon are the second couple announced to leave We Got Married after Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, and will soon end their three-months and a half virtual relationship.

Source: OSEN