What’s Next For YG Entertainment? Netizens Raise Questions About The Company’s Future Amidst News Of Several Artists Leaving

“Is this the downfall of YG Entertainment?”

For what seems like forever, YG Entertainment has been classed as one of the “Big Three” K-Pop companies, alongside JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. Along with some of the biggest stars in K-Pop, the company is also home to huge actors and writers.

YG Entertainment’s new building | YG Entertainment

Yet, the past few months have seen the company going through some huge changes. Earlier in the year, BIGBANG’s TOP left YG Entertainment, and this was then followed by the shocking news that TREASURE’s Bang Yedam and Mashiho were leaving the group and company.

Bang Yedam (left) and Mashiho (right) | @TUnion_USA/Twitter

Within the past week, BIGBANG’s Daesung and Taeyang were also announced to be leaving YG, with Taeyang making the move to THE BLACK LABEL.

On December 30, news reports found that none of the members of iKON renewed their contracts with YG, although they are planning to stay as a group. Actor Kang Dong Won has also officially ended his contract with the company after seven years.

There were also recent reports that BLACKPINK was due to leave and move to THE BLACK LABEL. YG Entertainment has since claimed that the rumors were false and that the girls still had time left on their contracts.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

YG Entertainment is still going strong with groups like TREASURE, WINNER, and AKMU, along with actors like Lee Soo Hyuk and many more. YG Entertainment also announced that they would be debuting a new girl group at the start of 2023.

The new teaser for YG’s upcoming girl group | YG Entertainment

Amidst all the “Chaos” in YG Entertainment, netizens have been discussing their thoughts on the K-Pop company after so many have left.

At one point, YG seemed to have the strongest security with artists, and netizens are now confused about how, within the space of a few weeks, the company has lost some of its biggest artists with the longest tenure.

Many also pointed out how the loss of artists was due to the poor treatment of the groups.

The company has been criticized for artists being without comebacks or promotions for a long time, including iKON and BLACKPINK. The hashtag #IKONFREEDOM started trending, with many fans relieved the group was leaving and would hopefully go somewhere that would promote them better.

Others also pointed out that rather than focusing on the acts they have, debuting a new group was the worst thing to do.

One user on TikTok went viral after describing the recent events as the possible “Fall of YG Entertainment.” For a company that had been so popular and praised for its small but talented pool of stars, the large number of artists leaving was a shock.

With netizens talking about the future of YG Entertainment and the rise of HYBE that turned the “Big Three” into the “Big Four,” it will be interesting to see what the company does going into 2023.

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