YG Entertainment lists the advantages of CL’s U.S. debut

YG Entertainment responded to both praises and criticisms alike after news of CL’s advancement to the American music industry were reported on October 15th. In a statement on October 18th, YG Entertainment confirmed that CL is steadily preparing for her entry in the American music industry, further emphasizing the move was not a sudden decision as they were already receiving love calls for her debut for quite some time.

CL’s American debut is being backed by Scooter Braun, the same person who was behind the success of Justin Bieber and PSY in the United States. Scooter Braun will be working with CL as they promote her tracks well-suited for the American audience.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment further explained the advantages on CL’s upcoming debut, citing her oriental looks, language capability and talents. Despite coming from a girl group, CL has a powerful image, singing and rapping skills, that could be put against a few number of female rappers in the American music industry. Aside from CL’s oriental looks that could be matched with various concepts, YG Entertainment also boasts her capability on speaking four languages, namely English, Japanese, French and Korean.

With the majority of her songs already recorded, CL is set to focus on her debut promotions next Spring.

YG Entertainment closed the statement and asked fans to think positively of her attempt rather than the result as they anticipate the kind of reaction the American listeners would render to her debut.

Source: TVReport