YG Entertainment Claims MIXNINE’s Debut Was Not Obligatory

“The clause that promised [MIXNINE’s] debut was not an obligation, but more of a rights clause.”

The Seoul Central District Court has held the first pleading for the Happy Face Entertainment’s lawsuit against YG Entertainment.


Happy Face Entertainment is the agency of Woo Jinyeong, who ranked No.1 on the survival program MIXNINE. The agency had previously filed a lawsuit against YG Entertainment, demanding 10 million KRW ($8,778 USD) in compensation for damage in relation to MIXNINE’s failed debut.

Happy Face Entertainment Sues YG Entertainment For Failing To Debut MIXNINE


While Yang Hyun Suk initially stated that the winning team of the survival idol program MIXNINE would debut under the management of YG Entertainment and promote as a team for 4 months, when the program concluded with surprisingly low ratings, YG changed the offer to a 3-year promotion.

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Some agencies simply could not accept the new offer due to the thought that “the plan does not offer any benefits to the original agencies or the members in the end.” As a result of their failure to reach an agreement, MIXNINE’s debut was ultimately cancelled.


On the day of the pleading, Happy Face Entertainment’s lawyer explained that the final winners were promised an album and a 4-month contract and therefore, suddenly extending the period to 3 years was out of the question.

“We were promised an album if [our artist] was selected as a final member. The exclusive management period was 4 months according to the contract, so it is unreasonable to suddenly extend this to 3 years.” ㅡ Happy Face Entertainment’s Agency


In response to these claims, YG Entertainment explained that the clause in the contract that promised their debut was not obligatory, but rather a rights clause.

“The clause that promised their debut was not an obligation, but more of a rights clause. We were planning on a short-term 4-month period, but considering the situation, it seemed impossible. We came up with the decision because of the thought that they wouldn’t be able to succeed and would suffer loss.” ㅡ YG Entertainment


Happy Face Entertainment then pointed out that YG Entertainment’s decision was simply irresponsible.

“Stating that [the debut was impossible] because [the program] had failed can only be seen as an example of utilizing a person when his services are needed and keeping him at a distance when he is no longer wanted.” ㅡ Happy Face Entertainment


Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has recently announced the launching of a new survival program for creating YG’s next male idol group and it doesn’t come as a surprise that netizens have been criticizing him for it, considering the MIXNINE case that is still ongoing.

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The Court will be holding another hearing on November 28 and is expecting the case to come to a conclusion thereafter.

Source: TV Daily