YG Updates Fans With News Of WINNER Mino And Kang Seungyoon’s New Album Releases

YG is listening to fans’ demands.

On August 13 KST, YG Entertainment released an official statement updating fans about WINNER and what their plans are for the fall.

Previously, fans of Mino held a week-long protest demanding that YG give him a solo comeback. It looks like this statement is a response to the demands of fans.

Hello this is YG Entertainment. We would like to announce news of WINNER Mino and Kang Seungyoon’s new album releases. We are planning to release Song Mino’s solo album sometime this October. This album will not be a single or a mini album but a full-length album that will have around 10 tracks. Because it is a full-length album, it required more time to prepare and create and is currently in the last stages of finalizing the album. When we take into consideration the last bits of recording and the filming of the music video, we predict that the album will release sometime in the middle of October.

They assured fans that they are always supporting and listening to the artists’ requests and promises to work hard in order to bring new music from them this fall.

Kang Seungyoon is currently working hard for his role in the upcoming MBC mini series Kairos, that will begin in October. He is currently also working on his solo album while working on the drama whenever he has time. Due to working on both the drama and his music, there are no specific dates confirmed for his comeback, but both members have shown their determination in wanting to release a full-length album and we at YG respect their thoughts and opinions. We will continue to support them and work hard to make sure they release an album this fall.

| @yginnercircle/Twitter

They thanked fans for their continuous support and hoped that they would also show interest and cheer on the other members who are currently in the military.

We at YG are always listening to fans’ requests and are working hard to bring you only the best. We are truly grateful to all the fans and we hope that you can also support and cheer on members Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon who enlisted in the military this past April after the release of WINNER’s third album ‘Remember’.

Hopefully YG keeps their promise so that we can all listen to some new music from the boys!