Yoo Ah In Would Reportedly Visit Itaewon Clubs Every Week With Other Celebrities To Use Drugs

He only stopped once the police investigation started.

Yoo Ah In reportedly visited clubs in Itaewon on a weekly basis to use drugs with other celebrities.

According to an exclusive report from Kookmin Ilbo, witnesses told the media outlet that Yoo Ah In has been heavily suspected of using drugs at Itaewon clubs and bars with his celebrity friends. While the informant stated that they are not 100 percent sure that he is using drugs, they stated that they are very suspicious of his actions from what they have witnessed.

The informant stated that Yoo Ah In’s group, which includes a model and broadcast personality, would frequent three different locations in Itaewon: Lounge Bar “A,” Club “B,” and Club “C.” They would begin the night with a party at Lounge Bar “A” every Saturday evening before moving to the two clubs. It was noted that Yoo Ah In’s group had the innermost table at Club B as their own reserved table. Club B is known to have darker lighting compared to other clubs. The lighting combined with his group’s innermost table would mean that it was difficult for others to see them. That table would be reserved almost every Saturday under one of the group members’ names.

The group would smoke while at Club B, but many clubgoers reported that the smell coming from their table was different than usual cigarettes. Their behavior at the table was also described as suspicious.

It smells different from ordinary cigarettes.

Yoo Ah In’s group didn’t order much alcohol, but it’s strange that they were so drunk when they went out.

— Informants

Because of these events, club officials were suspicious of Yoo Ah In’s group of suspected drug usage even before Yoo Ah In was investigated by police. The club is known to be a common place to have the smell of marijuana present on site.

Following the tragic Itaewon stampede, Yoo Ah In’s group took a short break from visiting Itaewon. However, they began to revisit their usual bars and clubs at the end of 2022. Yoo Ah In himself was no longer seen in the Itaewon area starting from early 2023, but his friends are said to have been frequently spotted. The time when Yoo Ah In stopped visiting Itaewon coincides with the beginning of the police investigation into his drug usage.

Yoo Ah In has tested positive for four drugs, including marijuana, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine. He has released a statement apologizing for his actions, and the police investigation is ongoing.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo