Netizens Enraged After Videos Emerge Of ZEROBASEONE Getting Mobbed At The Airport

It was an extremely dangerous situation.

ZEROBASEONE‘s recent airport videos are leaving netizens concerned for their safety.

After returning from their schedule in Jeju, the group was met with a giant crowd at the airport. Various angles of the videos show the members being pushed as they try to hold on to each other for safety.

Netizens express concern for a lack of security and bodyguards for the immense crowd.

Many fans are urging Wake One Entertainment to reevaluate their safety precautions for the group using hashtags like #PROTECTZB1.

Additionally, airport staff was rumored to be violating work policy and participating in taking photos for the members in secret.

Fans urge that these unsafe situations can be corrected as ZEROBASEONE continues to do more activities and soon debuts.