ZEROBASEONE’s Han Yujin And Seok Matthew Do The “Guilty” Challenge In Completely Opposite Ways

They switched roles!

SHINEE Taemin‘s viral “Guilty” challenge is making it’s way around the internet where idols like BTS‘s Jimin show off their sexy charms doing the point choreography dance move where idols place their hand under their shirt and put their abs on display.

BTS’s Jimin and SHINEE’s Taemin | @shinee_official/TikTok 

ZEROBASEONE‘s Han Yujin and Seok Matthew recently took a crack at the challenge and they couldn’t have been more different from each other.

ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew and Han Yujin | @ZB1_official/Twitter

Yujin channeled the charismatic and cool energy of the song with his serious expressions.

However, due to his young age, when he did the point choreography, he covered his abs!

He continued to show off his dance skills and perform to the best of his ability.

You might not expect such a strong and charismatic performance from a maknae!

Matthew also left fans surprised when he went for the sexy point choreography…

…and suddenly switched to aegyo mode! He showed off his cuteness by suddenly dancing to the viral “PoPiPo” song.

If that wasn’t cute enough, he ran and jumped in the most adorable way possible.

It seems the maknae line and hyung line of ZB1 have opposite personalities from what you would expect! Watch their full videos below.


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♬ Guilty – TAEMIN


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♬ Guilty – TAEMIN