Zombies in Netflix’s “Kingdom 2” Accused of Being Too Orderly During Their Attacks

You can’t help but laugh.

With the overwhelming popularity of the new season of Netflix’s Kingdom, fans have been comparing the movements of the zombies to that of the famous Hollywood film, World War Z.


Kingdom Season 2 is the continuation of the first season that aired in January of last year, and it’s about a zombie apocalypse taking place in the Joseon era of Korea.

As for World War Z, the film also was about a zombie apocalypse that began with a plane attack.

Both films have some similarities as they are both about zombies, but fans found a very big difference in the way the zombies moved.

In most zombie films and shows, zombies have no rational consciousness, causing them to swarm toward anything living in a disorderly way.

But on the other hand, the zombies in Kingdom showed a surprising order in a scene where they crossed a bridge over the water, causing laughter among viewers.

Some zombies even held their arms out wide in order to keep their balance, making fans laugh even harder.

After this revelation, fans are responding with comments such as “Look at how they’re keeping balance on the bridge“, “It’s scary and cute at the same time“, and “Korean zombies have very Confucian ideals“.

Source: Insight
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