BTS’s V Once Proved His Fashion Designer Knowledge About A Female Idol’s Outfit

Like a true fashionista.

BTS’s V is known for his love of fashion and designer brands like GUCCI.

His avant-garde style can be seen in his unique clothing choices and quirky outfits that reflect his artsy taste. However, he once proved he’s knowledgeable enough about fashion to spot brands on others.

During one award show, he was dancing along to BLACKPINK when he realized something.

He then turned to Jimin to prove his fashion designer expertise.

Rosé’s outfit is GUCCI, it’s GUCCI.

— V

The outfit in question was this 70’s graphic print shirt dress with a pink satin bow.

It is, in fact, GUCCI! You can cop the outfit for yourself for the price of $2,300 USD.


V continued to dance along, proud of himself!

Who would expect anything less from the fashion king?

Watch the cute moment below!