Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Was Once Super Savage To EXO’s Chanyeol — Even Baekhyun And Kai Cracked Up

She had something to say about his rap.

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is known to always speak her mind. In fact, she was so bold that she once made EXO crack up with how honest she was!

During an episode of Amazing Saturday, the other guests had been buzzing about the correct answer to the quiz when the EXO members and Hyeri suddenly cracked up.

Upon rewinding footage, it was revealed that Chanyeol had been commenting on VIXX Ravi‘s rap, claiming that it was quite mumbled. This was as they were playing a game to guess lyrics to songs that are hard to hear. Kai immediately defended Ravi, claiming that was how he stylized it.

So what was the reason for the sudden burst of laughter? Turns out, Hyeri had leaned over to tell Chanyeol, “But Chanyeol-ssi does the same.

Baekhyun even copied the way that Hyeri said it! The entire studio burst out laughing at Hyeri’s savage but friendly joke.

Check out the moment below.

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