The Mystery Of Actor Jung Woo Sung Appearing At A Party, Mixing Up A Soju Bomb And Leaving Like Nothing Happened

No one knows that happened.

Fans of Jung Woo Sung would know that he is known for being just a little eccentric, but in the cutest and most hilarious ways. In 2017, veteran singer Yoon Minsoo, shared that he had bumped into the famous actor in a barbecue restaurant. The actor had then paid most of the bill for Yoon Minsoo’s table, but strangely had left just ₩16,000 KRW ($13.45 USD) unpaid. Jung Woo Sung had never publicly clarified the issue, leaving fans to wonder what it was all about.

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It seems that his drunken antics may have struck again. On an online community, the OP shared that the actor had suddenly entered their private dining room where the OP was having a company dinner with her colleagues. No one in the company personally knew Jung Woo Sung, so it was all the more perplexing.

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According to OP, he appeared in the doorway holding an empty glass. Then, he had sat down at the table, mixed up a soju bomb for her and left almost as swiftly as he had come. She was so shocked that she had dropped her handphone, and the actor even picked it up for her.

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Netizens were going nuts trying to figure out just why he had done that, and they came up with 5 alternative guesses.

Well, whatever the reason may be, the OP and her fellow colleagues certainly were extremely lucky that day. Imagine drinking a drink that THE Jung Woo Sung mixed up for you!

Source: theqoo

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