Did You Know? Actresses Lee Da In And Lee Yu Bi Are Royal Descendants

They certainly look like princesses.

Actresses Lee Da In and Lee Yu Bi have always be lauded for their classy looks and elegant lifestyle, but did you know that they are distant descendants of a royal family in Korea?

| tvN

The sisters’ mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, hails from the Hwanggan Kyeon clan. The clan members are descendants of Kyeon Hwon, the first king of the Hubaekje kingdom, during the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea. He reigned from 892 to 935. As of a consensus in 2000, there were only 160 members in the clan.

As Lee Da In And Lee Yu Bi took their stepfather’s last name, Lee, they are not included directly in the clan. However, that does not deny their lineage through their mother!

Their family’s riches are not from the royal lineage, however. The sisters’ mother, Kyeon Mi Ri is a famous actress. She later married Lee Hong Heon, a successful businessman. After a successful stock trading, she also earned a few more billion won!

No wonder their entire family looks so gorgeous.

Source: Namuwiki
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