Kim Garam's Bullying Allegations

HYBE Comes Under Scrutiny For Its Handling Of The Bullying Allegations Against Kim Garam Following Her New Statement
Netizens have mixed feelings about it.
Kim Garam Shares The Full Report From The School Violence Committee
The details of the school violence committee meeting are out.
HYBE Releases Response Following Kim Garam’s New Statement
HYBE has commented.
Kim Garam Maintains Her Innocence In New Statement
Kim Garam maintains her innocence.
HYBE Announces They Have Terminated Kim Garam’s Contract And She Will Leave LE SSERAFIM
She is no longer part of LE SSERAFIM.
#KIMGARAM Is Trending As Fans Demand An End To LE SSERAFIM’s Garam’s Hiatus
She’s been on hiatus for a couple of months now.
Here’s What LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Has Been Up To After Her Hiatus Was Announced, According To Fans
Here are her recent whereabouts.
Netizens Raise Anger After LE SSERAFIM’s Latest Magazine Appearance Features Kim Garam
It comes after the idol is on hiatus following bullying allegations.
#GaramOut: Calls For Kim Garam’s Removal From LE SSERAFIM Grow Louder
“This is unacceptable.”
Here Is How Koreans Are Reacting To HYBE Negotiating With The Victim, With No Plans For LE SSERAFIM To Move Forward Without Kim Garam
“I would never settle. You want to ruin my life, then become an idol?…”