5 Boy Group Members Wore The Same $2,000+ Shirt But Served Slightly Different Vibes

It’s definitely a fave among K-Pop stylists these days!

Every so often there’s a new item that K-Pop stylists just can’t get enough of, and it looks like this top from Louis Vuitton‘s 2021 Summer Collection has reached that status!

| Louis Vuitton

The “Striped Monogram Workwear Denim Shirt” from LV is listed for a whopping $2,300 on their website — but if you’ll have to wait until it’s back in stock to get your hands on it. Inspired by Japanese workwear, this denim top features blue stripes and a watercolor design, with Louis Vuitton’s monogram, of course.

| Louis Vuitton

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo wore this shirt and its matching pants in early 2021 for W KOREA. The loose-fitting piece looks extra comfortable in this dreamy photoshoot and is paired with a Louis Vuitton watercolor tote that’s retailed at around $3,000. The only visible accessory is a small, gold necklace that draws even more attention to the unbuttoned collar and Eunwoo’s visuals.

Cha Eunwoo | W Korea

Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin proved that the shirt is even suited for the stage when he wore it on Music Bank on September 24, 2021! He complemented it with a pair of white trousers and white sneakers, a combo that emphasized his long legs, and added a scarf tied around his belt loop as an accessory.

Hyunjin. | @realstraykids/Instagram

BTS‘s RM also wore the full Louis Vuitton set when the group appeared on the show You Quiz On The Block! The matching “Striped Monogram Denim Cargo Pants” are listed for $2,300 on the LV website and continue the pattern’s watercolor motif. He left the shirt unbuttoned to show his white t-shirt underneath, making the matching set just a bit more casual while still super chic.

RM. | Bighit Music

SF9‘s Dawon took the casual side of this shirt to the next level in his cover of Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI‘s hit single “Stay.” He wore it unbuttoned over a tight-fitting white t-shirt and paired it with white shorts. The cuffs were also unbuttoned and rolled up and the collar spread out to show off his silver necklace combination!

Dawon. | @SF9official/Twitter

Last but not least is ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa! He wore the striped monogram shirt in the group’s music video for “Eternal Sunshine.” Left half-unbuttoned and french-tucked into a pair of distressed jeans, the $2,000+ shirt looks right at home on him. Seonghwa also accessorized with a handful of silver accents: necklaces at varying lengths, multiple bracelets, and rings adorning his fingers.

Seonghwa. | ATEEZ/YouTube

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Source: Twitter and Louis Vuitton

Same Fit, Different Vibes