5 Idols Who Didn’t Let Their Injuries Stop Their Performance

In the world of K-Pop, onstage injuries are unfortunately an inevitable reality for most idols. While injury onstage can often be scary for both the artist and his/her fans, those who can recover while onstage embody the idea that ‘the show must go on’.

Lovelyz’s Lee Mijoo

During their “Destiny” promotions, Lovelyz‘s Minjoo twisted her ankle after the heel of her shoe awkwardly landed on the ground, causing the idol to fall less than gracefully. Despite her twisted ankle, the idol continued with the performance and finished the song off. Though she appeared fine onstage, Mijoo was later taken to the hospital to have her leg examined where it was revealed that she had an ankle ligament injury.



In the midst of performing their hit song “Navillera”, GFRIEND‘s SinB dislocated her shoulder while intensely performing the song’s choreography. After the girls’ dance break in the song, SinB can be seen holding her left arm behind her back as she finishes off the group’s performance. Despite her strong front, SinB couldn’t hold back the pained expression from her face as she finished the song.

DIA’s Cathy

One of the most worrisome injuries in K-pop was perhaps DIA‘s Cathy‘s fall from the 2 meter (6.5 feet) tall stage on which she was performing. At the beginning of DIA’s performance of “Mr. Potter” Cathy can be seen falling into a pit as the idol accidentally oversteps past the stage. However, the fall didn’t seem to stop her as Cathy got back on stage right after the fall, and continued her performance wearing a big smile.  After the group’s performance, Cathy was taken to the hospital for a full checkup.

BTS’s Jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook suffered a small incident while performing the group’s latest single “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” on KBS Music Bank that left his hand bleeding. Though there was a lot of blood, the idol continued unfazed. Fortunately, it wasn’t a severe cut, and the wound was quickly covered with band-aids.

Watch the performance HERE

SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee‘s first ever appearance at Tokyo Dome went by almost seamlessly – except for Taemin‘s incident during the group’s performance of “Your Number” in which the maknae suffered from severe leg cramps that left him stumbling through the performance. At the beginning of the song, Taemin can be seen struggling to get up from his initial position and limping from place to place as he tries to keep up with the intense choreography. Though he was able to finish the song almost perfectly, the idol was rushed backstage afterward where he was quickly treated while the other members performed the next song without him. Despite his injury, Taemin rejoined the group and finished off the concert, and apologized to the fans for the embarrassing situation.

Source: Dispatch