7 Drunk Moments From (G)I-DLE’s “Tipsy Live” That Show Their True Personalities

They were completely unhinged.

(G)I-DLE appeared on Dingo Music‘s YouTube series Tipsy Live to celebrate a year full of successful comebacks from “Tomboy” to “Nxde.” The girls were utterly unhinged, partying like there was no tomorrow. Here’s a list of 7 drunk moments that showed the members’ true personalities!

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, Shuhua, Yuqi, Miyeon, and Minnie (left to right) | 딩고 뮤직 / dingo music/YouTube

1. Toast To “Bad Dancing”

(G)I-DLE was accused of not having the tightest or most synchronized choreographies for their songs in the past, so the girls decided to forget the haters and give a toast to their “bad dancing!” Their leader Soyeon proclaimed, “Idol is not all about dancing!

2. Minnie’s Sexy Table Dance

The members have more or less agreed that Minnie struggles to show off her sensual charms at times, but with a bit of alcohol, sexiness drips off her! Soon all the girls were climbing on their chairs.

3. Shuhua’s Tongue

Shuhua proved unafraid of going all out in showing her seductiveness on an episode of Street Alcohol Fighter, even without drinking alcohol, so it’s no surprise that she pulled out all the stops again by suggestively licking her fingers!

4. Taking Off Their Clothes

Bold fashion choices and showing off skin have never been issues for (G)I-DLE. Over time, they’ve been more comfortable in their skin, literally!

5. Miyeon Kissing Shuhua

Miyeon couldn’t help but show her love for (G)I-DLE’s maknae (the Korean word for the youngest in the group). It was even funnier when Shuhua screamed for help.

6. Genuis Soyeon

Usually, songwriters are shy when they receive too many compliments, but Soyeon was happy to brag about how huge of a hit “Tomboy” was for their group!

7. Yuqi’s “Tomboy” Dance

Yuqi went viral for her deadpan “Tomboy” dance. This time, her entire group joined in on the fun!

Neverland, (G)I-DLE’s official fandom, will continue to look forward to their favorites breaking boundaries and celebrating themselves!

Watch the full Tipsy Live of (G)I-DLE below.


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