(G)I-DLE Battles To See Who Is The Sexiest Member

The winner was completely unexpected but well-deserved.

(G)I-DLE played a brutal game on Street Alcohol Fighter wherein they had to honestly rank their members from best to worst based on different categories. Their relationship was tested when Minnie had to rank everyone from hardest to easiest to please and when Yuqi chose who she thought least fit the sexy concept of their latest comeback, “Nxde.”

(G)I-DLE and Super Junior‘s Heechul on Street Alcohol Fighter | 스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, many members were shocked when Yuqi said she and Shuhua were the sexiest members of the group. To settle the debate once and for all, (G)I-DLE and their host Super Junior’s Heechul, decided to show off their charms to see who was the sexiest!

Heechul went first by jokingly spilling some of his drink out of his mouth, grossing everyone out.

Then the lowest-ranked (G)I-DLE member, Miyeon, still failed to be seductive rather than her usual pretty self.

Minnie impressed the members with how dedicated she was to show her charms.

Soyeon pulled out all the stops by standing up and shooting the camera a sensual look over her shoulder.

Everyone was excited to see what Shuhua would do, and she didn’t disappoint by dipping her fingers in her drink and licking them! The whole studio was in shambles after her bold move.

Last went Yuqi, who had all the pressure of being sexier than everyone before her. She sipped her drink while tugging her sleeve down, but Heechul stopped her before she could go any further.

After the hard-fought battle, the group decided that the clear winner was Shuhua!

All the (G)I-DLE members can pull off the sexy concept of “Nxde,” but what’s even more evident is that all the girls hate losing!

Watch the full episode below. (G)I-DLE and Heechul start their sexiness battle at the 18:09 mark.


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