Actor Kim Ji Seok And Actress Yoo In Young Swear They’re “Just Friends”… But Their Flirting Is Next Level

“Can they become real please?”

Actor Kim Ji Seok and actress Yoo In Young first met in 2007, when they starred in the K-Drama Likeable or Not together. Because both had been rookies at the time, the two got along well and quickly became good friends. Since then, for over a decade and counting, Kim Ji Seok and Yoo In Young have been inseparable. Though they always introduce each other as BFFs, they share a chemistry that is truly something else.

Yoo In Young (left) and Kim Ji Seok (right) in the poster for “The Romance”

For example, in a previous episode of the new JTBC channel show The Romance, these best friends got flirtatious AF on camera — especially when Kim Ji Seok asked Yoo In Young, “Why did you ask me to take you to the beach that one time?”

Remember when you asked me to take you to the beach that one time? Why did you do that to me? You know, I was so confused. I really thought you liked me…

— Kim Ji Seok

To intrigue his curiosity even more, Yoo In Young answered it was because “he was the only one” she had back then. She coyly added that she “can be kind of reserved” in showing her emotions — subtly suggesting that he might even have missed what she wanted to convey in the past.

Kim Ji Seok: If you and everyone else around you thought I was a good guy for you, how come you didn’t pursue us? Is it because I became too comfortable as a friend?
Yoo In Young: No… That’s not it. I think the timing was never right. I never really understood when you would kind of tease that we missed our timing. But I get that now. We did miss the timing.
Kim Ji Seok: So you did like me at one point then?!?
Yoo In Young: I will always like you.
Kim Ji Seok: What, really?
Yoo In Young: Why, don’t you like me? I like you.
Kim Ji Seok: Oh my gosh, this is the first time you’ve ever told me that you like me though!
Yoo In Young: I guess I can be kind of reserved in showing my feelings, huh?

As the episodes continued, Kim Ji Seok and Yoo In Young drove the viewers wild with the amount of sparks flying between them. They not only looked like a painting together, but also acted like something was definitely up between them.

This is actually not the first time Kim Ji Seok and Yoo In Young left everyone feeling suspicious though. He, for one, has never been shy about showcasing his affection and interest for Yoo In Young. When the two appeared on The Brainiacs together, and a fellow show host asked if the two ever thought about dating, he admitted…

Yeah, I think we could have dated if we tried. The timing never worked out for us but I think we had something… Right? You liked me too, didn’t you? I mean I for sure am always interested in her, you know? She’s my favorite person.

— Kim Ji Seok

In fact, from the very beginning, Kim Ji Seok has always mentioned wanting to be romantically involved with Yoo In Young. And though all in lightheartedness, he said what he said:

I bet the viewers are like, why is Kim Ji Seok so nice to Yoo In Young? Does he like her or something? Yes, yes, that is true. I would like to be involved in a dating scandal with her!

— Kim Ji Seok

Viewers believe, with all that history between them already, these two could and should definitely consider dating each other — because the attraction is obviously there, visible to everyone’s eyes!

Source: THEQOO