Actor Lee Seung Gi Wittily Clears Up A Rumor At “Peak Time” Press Conference

He made the whole cast and reporters laugh with his witty explanation.

To prepare for his new movie role, actor Lee Seung Gi took the plunge and shaved off all his hair. He even switched up his look by wearing blond for his feature in GQ Korea magazine. This ended up causing a funny moment at the Peak Time press conference.

Lee Seung Gi

When Lee Seung Gi recently appeared with a full head of hair, it sparked some funny rumors that he humorously addressed.

Making Lee Seung Gi and the rest of the cast laugh, a reporter dived right in to ask how his hair grew so long in such a short period of time.

I think it’s only been a month since you finished filming, but your hair… I was wondering what happened. Could you explain what happened?

— Reporter

Keeping the fun vibes going, Lee Seung Gi caused laughter by admitting the question made him a bit nervous. He then revealed that he was originally unsure about what to do with his hair.

I usually don’t sweat, but my hands suddenly started sweating. Thank you for your observant question. I contemplated a lot… If I should appear like this.

— Lee Seung Gi

Because Lee Seung Gi shaved his hair off to complete the movie, the staff expressed their gratitude by making him a wig to continue his other projects.

I shaved my hair off to film my movie. When I told them I have other work to do after [filming], the production team of the movie gracefully made me this wig. Isn’t it amazing? (Pointing to a reporter) You’re so surprised!

— Lee Seung Gi

When the reporter pointed out how surprised everyone had been by the news, Lee Seung Gi noted his castmates’ hesitation to ask about his hair. He said, “I didn’t even give them a hint. I think they couldn’t ask me because my hair grew ridiculously fast.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young complimented Lee Seung Gi on how well it suited him. She said, “I think it looks natural.

Keeping the cast laughing, Lee Seung Gi thanked everyone for noticing his high quality wig.

But this is a very well fitted [wig]. It was made for ‘Peak Time,’ so I’m happy that it’s getting recognized. Thank you.

— Lee Seung Gi

Laugh along with the cast as Lee Seung Gi denies the rumors of having superhuman hair growth.

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