Aespa’s Karina Changes In One Unique And Sweet Way After Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol

You’d want to drink with her!

Aespa‘s Karina recently guested on rapper Lee Youngji‘s My Alcohol Diary where she discussed everything from her baptismal name to why she was teased by her classmates in elementary school. And given the title of the show, it goes without saying that the two drank quite a bit of alcohol the entire time!

Aespa’s Karina

Towards the end, Youngji assumed that the “Spicy” singer was drunk, but she vehemently denied it. Karina went on to explain that she doesn’t like it when people say she’s drunk or tipsy because it hurts her pride.

  • Lee Youngji: She’s drunk.
  • Karina: Nope.
  • Lee Youngji: You are feeling a little tipsy, right?
  • Karina: No, my pride hurts when I hear that. I was so nervous at the first time, but I’m still okay.

That prompted the rapper to ask what her drinking tolerance is, and she answered that it’s typically 1.5 bottles. When Youngji didn’t believe her, she pouted and put her arms on her waist, jokingly saying, “What do you know?

  • Lee Youngji: Really? What’s your threshold for drinking?
  • Karina: I usually say it’s one and a half bottles.
  • Lee Youngji: No, it can’t be.
  • Karina: What do you know? (Pouts)

Afterwards, Youngji asked what her drunk habit is, and it’s actually super unique and sweet! According to the “Next Level” singer, she starts liking the people around her more. In other words, she becomes more loving and affectionate. As Youngji put it, she suddenly feels more glad to see them.

  • Lee Youngji: What’s your habit when you’re drunk?
  • Karina: I don’t have that. No matter how much I drink I go home safe. But I get to like people more. It’s not like I like them, I become more loving to them.
  • Lee Youngji: You feel more glad to see people.
  • Karina: More than usual.

It’s an endearing drunk habit that suits Karina’s already lovable personality!

In the same interview, she surprised Lee Youngji and the show’s staff with a sweet gesture. Check out what she did in the article below.

Aespa’s Karina Touches Lee Youngji And Staff Members With An Unexpected And Thoughtful Gesture

Source: YouTube


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