When Krystal Found Out Amber And Jessica Hung Out Without Her She Wanted Answers

She got a very hilarious answer:

When your best friend and sibling hang out together, of course, you’d feel a little left out and want to know what was going on. So when Krystal discovered Amber and Jessica hung out together in New York, she wanted answers!

Image: @vousmevoyez/Instagram

On February 8, Amber headed over to Instagram to share a heartwarming picture she took with Jessica who came to support her at the New York stop of her North American tour, Tour X. Along with the picture, Amber also wrote, “Boss Jung dropped by. Always a pleasure to have you!

While the picture and caption stole the hearts of fans everywhere, there was one person who was extra surprised to see them together. Shortly after Amber posted the reunion shot, Krystal left a comment wanting to know exactly what her sister and friend were up to!

What are you two doing?

— Krystal

Unfortunately for Krystal, her question proved too good a chance for Amber to pass up! Seeing her opportunity, Amber playfully teased Krystal that she and Jessica had been talking bad about her!

Probably not the answer Krystal was looking for but their exchange is receiving a whole lot of laughter and love from MeU.

Meanwhile, Krystal was recently confirmed to be starring in a new drama opposite Jang Dong Yoon, Jessica is gearing up to make her debut as an author, and Amber is continuing her Tour X.