Another Victim Of The “Nth Room Sex Abuse” Case Shares Actual Messages She Got From The Perpetrator

These threats have made her miserable for years.

While the unthinkable horrors of the Telegram “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case have kept South Korea shook for weeks now, victims who have survived these torturous group chatrooms are stepping forward to share their experiences — in hopes of raising more awareness and pushing for maximum punishment of the culprits.

One woman, by the Instagram handle of @cutdo_g, has identified herself as another “Victim of the Nth Room” and shared actual screenshots of the threatening DMs which she received from the perpetrator who exploited her for a year. She wrote, “This man and I first got to know each other on an application.”

He and I grew pretty close. That’s when he suggested I work as a model. He offered $100 per photo — and even though we had never met each other in person, he transferred $1,500 to my bank account up front for the work. For me, who had to survive on an allowance of $30 per week, that was a lot of money. It made me feel good. So I guess, in a way, this is all my fault to begin with…

— Instagram @cutdo_g

The woman recalled, when she arrived at the location of the photoshoot, she immediately realized something is fishy. Unfortunately, when she tried to back out of the deal, the perpetrator threatened to take her to court for fraud.

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Once I agreed to the modeling gig, he sent me an address. I took a cab to the studio — which turned out to be a residential studio. When I arrived, he said the shoot required me to get completely naked except a sleeveless slip and socks. I immediately realized something is not right. But when I tried to explain I don’t want to go through with the photoshoot anymore, he threatened to sue me for fraud. He kept framing me as a scammer, so I unwillingly took part in the photoshoot that day. In fact, during the shoot, he didn’t lay a finger on me. He didn’t force me to have sex with him. For a second, I honestly thought I may have accused an artist of being a pervert…

— Instagram @cutdo_g

The real “threat” began the following morning:

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His threats to distribute my pictures began the next day though. Every week, he began requesting that I send different types of videos of myself. He didn’t seem sorry at all when he told me that all my videos are being shared on an app called Telegram. This living hell went on for a year.

— Instagram @cutdo_g

The woman shared screenshots of the direct messages that the perpetrator sent her on her personal Instagram account. The perpetrator made it clear in his threats that he is aware of her social media accounts and her family members’ phone numbers.

She claimed, though the threats suddenly stopped one day, her nightmare has not ended. She commented, “I Google myself every morning and every night — because I fear that my videos might have become public.”

The problem is there are so many women who have been victimized like me. Even right this moment, someone is being exploited against her will. This must be stopped. You can take my story and share it. In fact, I want a lot of people to see it. We need to work together to make sure the crime is put to an end for sure this time.

— Instagram @cutdo_g

With her courageous decision to reveal the ugly truth, Korean netizens are flooding her comments section with supportive messages — all the while voicing their frustration with the legal authorities for “being lenient on the perpetrators”.

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