Here Are the Horrifically Gruesome Details of the Crimes “God God” Committed in the Nth Rooms

Moon Hyung Wook was the culprit that started it all.

The Face of Nth Room’s “God God” Revealed to the Public for the First Time

He was the initial creator of the “Nth Room” chatrooms were underage girls were sexually assaulted and tortured.

“God God” of the Nth Room Sex Abuse Case Finally Arrested by Police

Another main administrator of the infamous “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case” has been captured.

“Nth Room” God God Swears He Will Never Get Caught in Telegram Chat With Cho Joo Bin

“God God” is confident he will never get caught.

The Identity of “Nth Room” Cho Joo Bin’s Teenage Accomplice in the Korean Army Revealed

The third culprit of the infamous “Nth Room” case has been revealed to the public.

Man Brags About Being an Accomplice in the “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case at a Public Restaurant

He was witnessed and filmed by other customers in the restaurant.

“Nth Room” Kang Hoon Puts the Blame on Cho Joo Bin and Claims He’s Completely Different

Kang Hoon is claiming that he and Cho Joo Bin were not accomplices.

Celebrity Psychiatrist Gives His Two Cents on the “Nth Room” Culprits and the Psychology Behind It All

“Cho Joo Bin is very pleased right now and thinks he’s now this great and influential person.” – Yang Jae Jin

Underage “Nth Room” Accomplice Kang Hoon Makes His First Public Appearance

He apologized to the press.

Photos of Cho Joo Bin’s Underage Accomplice in the “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case Go Viral Online

As soon as his identity was revealed, photos of his face surfaced online.