Photos of Cho Joo Bin’s Underage Accomplice in the “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case Go Viral Online

As soon as his identity was revealed, photos of his face surfaced online.

In light of the recent revelation of the underage accomplice of Cho Joo Bin behind the “Nth Room” sex abuse case, photos of 18-year-old Kang Hoon have gone viral online.

Although minor offenders are not typically exposed in Korea, the severity of his crimes led the police to decide that the public had the right to know his identity.

Kang Hoon was a main accomplice of Cho Joo Bin who actively participated in the production and spread of the sex assault photos and videos.

– Police

The underage accomplice went by the name of “Butta” in the Nth Rooms, and he has been revealed to handle the profits obtained in the chatrooms.


As soon as his identity was revealed, online communities discovered photos of the culprit’s face which are subsequently going viral online.

Kang Hoon is expected to be exposed to the media in full on April 17, when he is sent to prosecution at the Jongno Police Station.

Source: Dispatch

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