Underage “Nth Room” Accomplice Kang Hoon Makes His First Public Appearance

He apologized to the press.

Cho Joo Bin‘s underage accomplice, Kang Hoon (18) made his first public appearance on his way to prosecution on April 17.

It was recently revealed that despite Kang Hoon being underage, the police came to the conclusion that the public had the right to know his identity as Cho Joo Bin’s right-hand man in the “Nth Room” sex abuse case.

On his way to prosecution, Kang Hoon was asked about his thoughts on his identity being revealed to which he didn’t give a response.

The only comment he chose to make was an apology.

I’m sorry. I’m sincerely sorry.

– Kang Hoon

He kept his head down and showed tension in his body as he walked into the courthouse.

Kang Hoon was the first underage offender to be exposed to the public.

Kang Hoon, who went by the name of “Butta” in the chatrooms, has been charged for recruiting and managing the victims of the Nth Rooms and managing and delivering the profits to Cho Joo Bin.

It’s been revealed that Kang Hoon accepted payments in cryptocurrency from the paid members of the group and delivered it to Cho Joo Bin in cash form.

Cho Joo Bin claims that he and 3 other men including “Butta” operated the Nth Rooms together.

Source: Dispatch

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