Man Brags About Being an Accomplice in the “Nth Room” Sex Abuse Case at a Public Restaurant

He was witnessed and filmed by other customers in the restaurant.

A video titled, “We Met Accomplices of the Nth Room Case in Real Life” was posted on a YouTube channel called Korean Chinese International Couple Zheng Lei, which shows a man bragging loudly that he was a part of the Nth Room sex assault case.

The video shows a group of men talking about the Nth Room sex assault case over food and drinks.

According to the YouTuber, one of the men loudly bragged about having been an accomplice in the Nth Rooms.

And when his friends heard the confession, they assured him, “That’s okay” and cheered.

During the conversation, the man even put the blame on the victims of the case by claiming, “The victims had all consented to it beforehand.

The YouTuber’s friend reported this to the police, but they only arrived after the group had left.

But the table beside them testified to the police that they heard the claims as well.

After hearing the testimonies, the police talked to the employees for information and set out to track down the men.

The YouTuber expressed, “I’m thankful they came in 10 minutes after we reported it. I hope they get punished just as quickly.

Following the news of the Nth Room sex assault case, which involved the abuse of many women including underage girls in for-profit Telegram chatrooms, the police reported that 340 accomplices were uncovered, 51 of whom have been confined.

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Nth Room Sex Abuse Case