Celebrity Psychiatrist Gives His Two Cents on the “Nth Room” Culprits and the Psychology Behind It All

“Cho Joo Bin is very pleased right now and thinks he’s now this great and influential person.” – Yang Jae Jin

Psychiatrist brothers Yang Jae Jin and Yang Jae Woong recently took to their YouTube channel to answer a netizen’s question about the “Nth Room” culprits, particularly Cho Joo Bin, and the psychology behind their violent ways.

One netizen asked, “As a woman, I’m angered by the recent Nth Room case which is all over the news. I’d like to know the psychology behind such people with dual personalities who can volunteer and live normal lives by day but sexually assault underage girls by night.

In response, Yang Jae Jin stressed that the mentality of Cho Joo Bin is not what people should focus on.

His mentality isn’t important. He’s just a horrible person. The news keep asking questions like ‘Why did he do it?’, ‘What kind of person is he?’, and ‘What’s his psychology like?’ and putting their focus on that. But that’s what Cho Joo Bin wants.

– Yang Jae Jin

Yang Jae Jin explained that Cho Joo Bin is an attention-seeker and that the focus should be on punishing the culprits appropriately and making sure the victims get the support they need.

Seeing how he stated, ‘Thank you for stopping me from committing such devilish acts’ and mentioned the names of famous people, he’s trying to steer the public’s attention in a different direction away from his crimes. He’s what you call an attention-seeker. What we should focus on is finding all the culprits, punishing them, and making sure the victims are cared for.

– Yang Jae Jin

On the other hand, Yang Jae Jin’s brother, Yang Jae Woong described what mentality he thinks Cho Joo Bin has for those who are still curious.

He made it clear that most people who commit such heinous acts are usually those who feel undervalued and overlooked by society, and take their rage out where they can stay anonymous.

People like him usually have the tendency to hold in their feelings in everyday settings (because they’re not good at expressing themselves) and let it all out in places where they can stay anonymous like online communities.

– Yang Jae Woong

For that reason, Yang Jae Woong predicts that what made such a person into a monster was just that: anonymity.

He suppressed all the negative thoughts and let it all out behind a mask, so I wonder if it’s anonymity that made ultimately made him into a monster.

– Yang Jae Woong

Regarding this prediction, his brother, Yang Jae Jin added that people like Cho Joo Bin have a couple of common characteristics.

Usually, these are people who have low confidence and suffer from inferiority complexes. They feel as though they’re neglected by society, and although they should feel angry at themselves, they feel angry at society, and that’s how they rationalize their behavior.

– Yang Jae Jin

Yang Jae Jin added that it’s very possible that Cho Joo Bin currently feels very satisfied and deluded to think that he’s at a higher status now.

I have a feeling Cho Joo Bin is very pleased right now and thinks he’s now this great and influential person.

– Yang Jae Jin

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