The Identity of “Nth Room” Cho Joo Bin’s Teenage Accomplice in the Korean Army Revealed

The third culprit of the infamous “Nth Room” case has been revealed to the public.

The identity of Corporal Lee Won Ho (19) of the Korean military has been revealed in connection to the Telegram Nth Room and the main administrator of the chatrooms, Cho Joo Bin.

The Korean Army recently announced that following a sexual assault crime committee meeting, they decided to reveal the culprit’s identity.

Lee Won Ho, who was known as the nickname, “Ikiya” in the chatrooms, has been charged for gathering participants as well as producing and circulating the illegal material. He’s currently under confined investigation by the prosecution.

Ahead of this reveal, the military police arrested Lee Won Ho without a warrant, and once a warrant was issued, they conducted an investigation and forwarded him to prosecution.

The Korean Army stated, “He actively participated in gathering participants for the Nth Room as well as the production and circulation of the sexual assault videos. Enough evidence was secured so that a warrant could be issued.

They also expressed that they discussed the matter of human rights violations that would affect him and his family, but that they came to the conclusion that the public had the right to know so that such crimes and be prevented in the future.

In addition to Lee Won Ho, the identities of two other culprits tied to the Nth Room Sex Abuse case have been revealed, which include Cho Joo Bin, and the underage accomplice, Kang Hoon.

Source: Dispatch

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case