“Nth Room” God God Swears He Will Never Get Caught in Telegram Chat With Cho Joo Bin

“God God” is confident he will never get caught.

A Telegram chat shared between Cho Joo Bin and another administrator famously known as “God God” has been revealed by JTBC News.

Cho Joo Bin was the first culprit to be revealed to the public as one of the main administrators of the infamous chatrooms that sexually assaulted underage girls for profit from paying subscribers.

However, another main administrator, God God has yet to be caught by the police.

And in a chat shared between God God and Cho Joo Bin, God God confidently stressed that he will never get caught.

I never use my own phone or ID, so I’ll never get caught. I never received the entrance fees via cash. I always received it in gift vouchers. So I can’t be traced.

– God God

As for the countless evidence collected supporting the accusation that he was one of the main administrators, God God showed certainty that the police will never get their hands on it.

I just have to throw away my phone. If I throw away my phone, there will be no evidence, so even if I turn myself in, I won’t go to jail.

– God God

According to the police, God God used an Android phone in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

The police stated,

We are focusing our investigation on God God, who we see as the most important suspect. We are searching through the foreign webhard, MEGA Cloud as well.

– Police


Source: Dispatch

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