Clip Of Former AOA Member Choa With Their CEO Reveals How FNC Turned A Blind Eye To Their Situation

Choa was exposing them at the time, and no one realized until now.

Following former AOA member Mina sharing her experience of the group’s dynamics that endangered her mental health and the withdrawal of Jimin from the group, FNC Entertainment has faced criticism for how they’ve handled the entire matter.

To support that criticism, there have been many resurfaced video clips and moments that showed how uncomfortable the members had genuinely been with each other. It led to the belief of how the group supposedly ignored the alleged bullying of Mina from Jimin.

In a past clip from the group’s appearance on a show, alongside other artists of their company and their CEO, it revealed insight into how the company could’ve easily turned a blind eye to the alleged bullying as well.

When former member Choa was given the spotlight to talk, she immediately dropped a bomb about their CEO, “I really don’t know him. He doesn’t talk to you unless you are successful.” Not only had their CEO ignored them, but he’d also done it for a long time.

Chanmi pointed out their CEO hadn’t even known their names, explaining, “He memorized our names after ‘Miniskirt’.” To put that into perspective, their “Miniskirt” era was when the group started to gain attention in 2014, two years after their debut in 2012.

Despite those two years of promoting as FNC Entertainment artists, their own CEO hadn’t bothered to know the names of the group elevating the company name. That’s not even taking into account the years they’d been a part of the company as trainees before their debut.

If he didn’t bother to find out their names, it’s likely he had no clue about the serious situations happening between the members. This wasn’t the only information that Choa put the spotlight on.

She pointed out the CEO’s favoritism, “He eats often with CNBLUE and FT ISLAND. He ate with us only once.” Choa also exposed him for not being truthful.

When he gave an explanation for why he didn’t spend time with them, he offered, “With girls like AOA and Juniel, I don’t really meet them outside of work because it’s awkward. Even when I suggest eating together, they say it awkward.” As soon as the words left his mouth, Choa shut him down.

She immediately said, “That’s not true. He never bought us a meal. So, we came up with a plan. We don’t have a cell phone, so we left him a message on his car with a sharpie.”

Not only did Choa point out how easy it was for their CEO to not care about who they were or what they did, even when they begged for his attention, it puts into perspective how the company turned a blind eye to everything that took place between the group members.

After all, the fact that three members left the group for similar reasons has raised quite a few eyebrows about how they weren’t treated properly.