This Girl Group Hasn’t Had Any Dating Scandals Since Debuting 9 Years Ago

They’re scandal-free.

It’s rare for an entire group to dodge dating scandals for 9 years, but Apink has successfully done it.


For non-celebs, dating is an ordinary part of life, but for idols dating can be dangerous. Even dating rumors have the power to negatively impact an idol’s career, depending on whether or not the public approves of their alleged relationship.

The Real Reasons Why Some Idols Get Hate For Dating And Some Don’t


The longer a group has been around, the more likely they are to get swept up in dating scandals. This is because the likelihood of dating usually increases as the members age.


Apink debuted way back in 2011, but since then every single one of their 6 current members has avoided falling victim to dating controversies.


This is even more impressive, considering that the members have publicly spoken about dating several times. For instance, Naeun talked about how idols secretly ask each other out on dates, during her guest appearance on Radio Star. 


Although some fans hoped she would date her We Got Married “husband”, SHINee‘s Taemin, Naeun did not experience any notable controversies as a result of this on-screen romance.


Other members, like Eunji, have openly expressed their thoughts on dating as well.

“Because I’m an idol, I’m worried about my fans getting hurt about me dating. But I don’t think dating itself is bad. Sometimes I wonder why we have to be so secretive about it.” — Eunji


Apink is known to be close with BTOB, but even though the two groups have openly enjoyed one another’s company…


…on many occasions…


…they haven’t been subject to dating controversies.


Fans have, however, had fun shipping the girls with idols of their choice!


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