ARMYs Are Falling In Love With BTS Falling In Love With A Fluffy Flock Of Sheep

(Googles how to become a lamb)

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS stopped by a roadside cafe and found themselves surrounded by a flock of sheep.


Their priceless reactions to these fluffy animal friends have ARMYs completely enchanted too!


V immediately began snapping pictures of the breathtaking view…

Oh my goodness, the lamb is so cute…!

— V


… while J-Hope posed alongside the beautiful creatures.


Jin blended right in in his RJ-style white padded outerwear:


When the flock’s owner brought a lamb over to show these mesmerized tourists…


Jungkook completely lit up at this unforgettable experience of taking one in his arms!


Jimin also couldn’t handle the UWU when it came his turn to hold the lamb:


And this heartwarming, fluff-filled, wholesome encounter between BTS members and the flock of sheep…


… has ARMYs falling in love all over again!


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