“Girl Group Level Pretty” — The Trainee Going Viral For His Gorgeous, Androgynous Visuals

Even the other trainees commented on how pretty he is!

On November 25, the Hong Kong-based trainee survival show Asia Super Young premiered, introducing viewers to 65 young men competing to debut in a new 9-member group.

The show has a host of industry mentors, including ex-WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao, a member of Yuehua Entertainment‘s NEXTZhu Zhengting, and Rain, the show’s executive producer.

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Some of the trainees on the show are already familiar to viewers, like Dongbin, who previously competed in Produce 101 Season 2 and Produce X 101, and Ollie, who ranked 26th on Boys Planet.

Dongbin | Asia Super Young
Ollie | Asia Super Young

Another trainee has rapidly gained attention online for his unique visuals.

Before the broadcast began, an hour-and-a-half-long special introducing the contestants was posted on YouTube.

The most watched portion of the video happens around the hour and eight-minute mark when a trainee named Albert (Aihe) is introduced. From his first moments on stage, it is easy to see why!

Albert is a 20-year-old trainee under ESTAR Media, and Asia Super Young appears to be his first survival competition.  The trainee’s entrance to the show has since gone viral on TikTok as viewers raved over his visuals and unexpectedly revealing outfit.


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Albert’s long hair and soft facial features combine to create a gorgeous, androgynous look.

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He has been compared to the “handsome” Street Woman Fighter contestant PROWDMON‘s Monika, who went viral for her own unique visuals.

Meet The “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Whose Handsome Good Looks Have Netizens Swooning

According to his profile, his hobbies include singing, dancing, and drawing, while his specialty is dance.

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While Albert’s current looks are certainly eye-catching, the trainee is just as good-looking with shorter hair!

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The first two episodes of Asia Super Young are available for streaming, and we can’t wait to see more of Albert in the upcoming episodes!

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